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With the truth in the statistics it is clearer than ever that home renovators and property owners face unfortunate odds when it comes to waterproofing. The answer is in education.Waterproofing has been around a long time, liquified heated tar was used in ancient times to waterproof objects and materials and even today tar and oil based waterproofing is still in use. But the construction has changed, we now rely on thin walled products, fibre cement, plaster and timber frame construction. The mass of a building will no longer provide security against the ingress of water. This is probably the reason why more than ever before we see the rise in water problems.Architecture has opened up many possibilities in design for balcony construction over living spaces, light wells, roof top decks. But these come with strict requirements, sadly the building industry can be rife with poor adherence to the standards required in these critical areas. Areas where not only UV light and heat play a massive role but wind force and building subsidence. People are not aware of the massive force these exert on the subfloor membranes, most often the only layer separating the occupier from the outside elements, namely water.The cost of rectification is astronomical in comparison to what a properly scoped waterproofing system would be. It’s true to say a stitch in time saves nine. In most cases sheet membrane systems are the most effective in creating extremely long lasting external membranes, spray on polyurethane and liquid rubber come close second.Stricter enforcement of the standard of waterproofing requirements is absolutely necessary but until this becomes legislated and legally binding in the construction industry home owners and builders must educate themselves and ensure the strict requirements for watertight construction is followed and if possible exceeded.Simple it seems but to change people and industries with current set practices is very difficult. People are afraid to be wrong, afraid to admit that they have not been strictly thorough in the past. To change is in a way an admission of guilt in this. And it is this which we are up against on the peer to peer level.Be assertive in your demands for a performance waterproofing system. Ensure you have a qualified trades and an experienced set up for the waterproofing both in your bathroom and out. Know the requirements for wet areas and choose carefully when selecting a contractor to carry out the works. Professional trade waterproofers will have high attention to detail as the work requires. Hire dedicated specialists over tiler/ waterproofers and builder handyman waterproofers. Specialists base their income on the security of the work they provide whereas all in one workers have multiple concerns and more often than not these are the jobs that fail.We have to surrender total control to others in the day to day, but that doesn’t have to mean we are forced to accept the low standards that proliferate some levels of the construction industry. Choose quotes based on the merits of their level of expertise, past jobs and if they hire specialists, choosing a quote based on costs alone is wrong. You will always invest more in quality, but it will stand the test of time and save money in the long term.

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The past year has taken the real estate industry into somehow confusing scenes with the first few months that likely took home prices to lows and with the last quarter directed towards the highs. Taking cue from what transpired inQ4 of 2014, it is predicted that 2015 will be more fruitful to the industry. Home values will continue to rise. Here are the top reasons why such trend is seen on a continuation.Surge of millennials as primary home buyersThe millennials whose ages today are from 22 to 24 have risen up on top of the home buyer ranks. With mixed characteristics ranging from picky to the easily contented, their will to buy homes have certainly showed strength. Their presence will be most likely felt in communities and neighborhoods where homes for sale are affordable to their financial capabilities.Home buyers will prefer homes on difficult locationsWith living spaces becoming limited in many areas such as urbanized communities, home buyers are now opting for houses built on the so-called difficult locations. Some will look for dwellings on mountain tops, and others on forested areas. Some fractions will also walk away from traditional home designs and settle for modern and upbeat appearances. With customizations done for home owners-to-be, home values are expected to go up.More home buyers will also demand for green housesLiving in green homes have been recognized by many governments. The energy efficiency that come as its primary benefit is what causes the new huge demand in houses. And considering that being green is in, developers are cashing out for new construction homes to be more eco-friendly. Renovations and improvements are also geared towards making homes more environment-friendly. These changes cause home values to experience slow uptick. With the trend as a continuing fact this 2015, we will see home prices to soar even higher in the coming months.Affordability is seen on a declineWhile many home buyers want to have a house under such affordable rates, home prices are expected to flip away from the usual affordable ranges. The changes in what home buyers want to be included in their spaces are also causing surges in values too. There are also home buyers who are also looking for homes that are in the luxury ranges.If you are currently looking for a house to buy, don’t be surprised if prices have soared from the last time you checked them on listings.