Industrial Water Pollution Has Poisoned Your Drinking Water – Discover What You Can Do About It – Industry Home

Whether you realize it or not, industrial water pollution has become a worldwide crisis. Industry water pollution has dumped anywhere up to 80,000 different chemical agents into our oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams. This careless disposal of toxic chemical agents has contaminated our drinking water sources, and it has affected many of our food sources.Many people seem to refuse to believe it, but it is not really a good idea to consume fish on a regular basis due in large part to industrial water pollution. You hear the stories all the time about fish containing high levels of mercury and other naturally occurring toxins, but the fact is that they are also accumulating high levels of chemicals as well. This article is not about the effect that manmade toxins have on our seafood supply however.Mentioning the fact about high levels of toxins in fish was just a way to bring to light that industry water pollution can affect you in ways other than just making our drinking water toxic. The level of contamination in our groundwater and reservoir system is what I want to focus on, because we have a serious problem where drinking water safety is concerned.The fact is that the high level of toxins caused by industrial water pollution can make you and your family very ill, and could possibly even kill you. Of the chemical agents present in our water supply, 2,100 have been identified as carcinogens; you are absolutely guaranteed to ingest one of these cancer causing with each glass of water you drink. This carcinogen is chlorine.I count chlorine as industry water pollution, because it is purposely introduced into our water by the treatment facilities. Don’t get me wrong. The treatment facilities are forced to use this hazardous chemical to keep the biological contamination under control. Still, it is the most prominent carcinogen in our water, and some experts feel that it is primarily responsible for our high cancer rate.You can’t take a chance on industrial water pollution having a detrimental affect on your family’s health, and there is something you can do about it. What you need to do is simply install a high quality countertop or under the counter home water purifier. An activated granular carbon filter and a multi media block can remove up to 99% of the chemicals as they attempt to enter your home.You want to ensure that in addition to these two filters designed to eliminate industry water pollution, your system supplies you with protection from toxic heavy metal traces and any parasites that may be present. All that the system needs is a submicron filter and an ion exchange in order to remove these threats. Then you will be as safe as you possibly can be.Industrial water pollution is something that everyone should take very seriously, because it can have a tremendous affect on your life. Get yourself a home water purifier, and keep your family safe from the threat that these toxins pose.