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Home automation represents a rising and rapidly evolving industry. Home automation installers are highly trained professionals who are equally savvy as technical experts, licensed electrical contractors, and creative designers. Illuminations Lighting and Design, Houston’s premier lighting design and electrical consulting firm, heads up the city’s most impeccable home automation department, with installers trained and cross-trained in every nuance of equipment selection, installation, and project development strategy.Home automation clients can be new homeowners or existing homeowners who decide to take their lifestyles to the next level. Often we encounter new clients who have already installed or had installed a measure of home automation from either a retail source or a competitive entity. The first thing these clients usually tell us is that their existing home automation network fails to deliver control over every element of life. A client with a state of the art home theatre system may suddenly realize he or she has to get up and walk across the room to close the shades or dim the lights. Clients hosting parties at home quickly realize that remote control of the air conditioner would not only add convenience to the event but help them save on energy costs as guests fan the doors all night and move back and forth between the home theatre, the garden, the patio, and the spa. Such integrated and centralized control is the difference that sets a custom home automation project by ILD apart from competitive entities specializing only in the equipment itself or limited home automation installation specific only to segments of the lifestyle rather than comprehensively accommodating the entire lifestyle.When our home automation installers step into such an arena, they carefully evaluate existing technology and retrofit the very best in new technology for a home automation network that leaves room for future growth and evolution of technology. Since most home automation installation in today’s market requires customizing or creating a home theatre system, we require all of our home automation installation consultants to train and certify in high-end home theatre systems by Sony, Boston, and Vienna Acoustics. This way, our clients are assured that every element of living is not only automated, but also fully optimized to manufacturer standards and equipment specifications.ILD’s home automation installers spend many years in training and continuing professional education programs to develop the knowledge base required to meet the high demands of this intense, technically demanding industry. Additionally, each ILD technician mentors as an apprentice under a veteran technician to learn the proprietary methodologies exclusive to Illuminations Lighting and Design. The result of our intensive training and apprenticeship programs is a knowledgeable, experienced team of home automation installers whose expertise in current and upcoming technologies enable us to install home automation networks that are completely unique and individualize to each specific client we service. The safety, reliability, and exceptional value of our work are backed up with tangibles every time at the end of the day. Our home automation installation specialists carry design certifications and undergo frequent cross-training with other industries such as architecture, construction, and landscaping as well to ensure that our solutions truly address every aspect of home build and home living.Throughout Houston and now Greater Texas, our division of home automation installers is rapidly gaining not only notoriety, but also an outstanding reputation for being the single source of the most comprehensive home automation designs that apply only the very latest and advanced technology in a one of kind design. Best of all, our home automation installers are good communicators and even better listeners who know how to make a project not only a technology upgrade, but a lifestyle upgrade as well that exceeds the expectations of clients. Call today 713-863-1133 to see what our team can do for your world starting now.

Attitude and Your MLM Home Business – Industry Home

There are several different factors that come into play in your success in an MLM home business opportunity. Today we are going to talk about attitude and the role that attitude plays in your success and your failure in your MLM home business.It is important to acknowledge however that attitude alone will not make you a success, you must learn the models and patterns for success and follow these factors for them to make a real difference.For example, no matter how good your attitude was if you were in the VHS business and DVDs were taking over the industry. You first have to have a clear mental picture of where you are headed and only then can a good attitude can assist you in your journey to success in your MLM home business.How you view and your attitude about this industry is going to have an impact on your success in Network Marketing. How you feel about lots of things can also make or break you in your MLM home business.1) How you feel about your past.Our past can be treated in two ways, as a hammer that you keep beating your head with or a school, a vast resource to learn from to become bigger and better then you were. Simply study your outcome and refine your future actions.2) How you feel about the future.The power of the future can be an awesome force. We as humans can borrow from the future to be an inspiration and to help us engage in today’s activities. I would suggest that you create a dream board and to bring it to life and live those experiences. For examples, don’t just cut out a picture of your dream car, go and test drive it, video tape yourself, take pictures of you in the car. Same thing with a house or anything else that you may want.(Have fun with this)Finally;3) How you feel about yourself.If you want to speed up the progress, then it all begins with knowing your self worth. Rather than looking at others as they could be,look at yourself. What could you you do if you weren’t limited by your present status and circumstances? Would you be a great recruiter? an MLM rock star? would you become an industry icon? Would you help us to uplift this industry that has been a blessing for so many of us? I sure pray that you do.Because you could and you should!